Study for 'Patrons and Lovers of Art' 1826-1830
Pieter Christoffel Wonder
Photo credit: NPG 792, National Portrait Gallery, London

Mike Lopuszansky

Portrait Painter


Michael Lopuszansky, born 1966 in Manchester of Italian and Ukranian parents, he still lives and works in the city.

After his many formal years of art and design studies he progressed with further tuition in Natural History and Scientific Illustration resulting in him developing his skills for exacting
detail and accuracy.

With this background and training he excels in his paintings with the quality and realism he found in the work of some of the old masters to whom he has always aspired.

His preferred medium of working in oils allows him to apply the techniques of layering and subtle building of glazes that creates a style that breathes life and reality into the finished paintings.